PENGUI is a leading project life cycle WIZ Solution provider that focus on oil&gas, chemical, nuclear and power generation, metro industries.
We help customers to improve the matainence efficiency as we as the digitalization and intelligentization of the plant by providing total solution and “one-stop” services.
Reliable, interoperable and scalable, our solutions enhance capabilities, improve fliexibility, mitigate risk, and reduce the total cost for enterprise systems. Thus accelerates the industrialization and informationlization.

PENGRUI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company as we as National High-tech enterprise.



Provide Top Lifecycle management solution and “one-stop” service


Headquaters in Shenzhen, PENGRUI is awarded as National High-tech Enterprise.We Provides Sense, IOT, Intelligent+Mobile Platform


Being an authority on Industries Standard, PENGRUI is active in the development in national and International standards.


Founded by a group of industry experts, PENGRUI committed to support the achievement of client goals and objectives.

WIZ Solution

Powering to the TOP

WIZ Solution is developed according to the industry best practice, and is proven in the customer’s real projects.

Our Clients

PENGRUI is dedicated to establish a quality long-term relationship with the customers, proving TOP intelligent WIZ Solution and “one-stop” services in power, oil&gas, metro and tobacoo industries.

Sinopec Limited
Datang Power
Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd
China Shenhua Energy Company Limited
China Southern Power Grid
China Huanqiu Contracting&Engineering Corp.
Beijing Jingneng Power Co.,ltd
China Nuclear Power Operations Management Co., Ltd